Inverness Reds 20/21 Season

I just wanted to update you about supporters buses for next season.

As you will be very much aware, the plan announced today by the First Minister to relax lockdown rules on a phased basis will mean the liklihood of the supporters club being able to run any buses to matches before the end of 2020 is unlikely, even if we were to implement social distancing arrangements, that would limit the amount of people we can take on the bus to a maximum of 9, and financially that would not be sustainable without a significant increase in fares.

Bus SeatsEven if fans were allowed into stadiums before the end of the year, it is likely this will be in limited numbers.

It may be possible to use public transport should matches restart until we get back to a normal state.

As it stands, it won’t be until Phase 3 before live events will be permitted with restricted numbers and physical distancing measures in place and Phase 4 until further relaxation of restrictions on live events.

And this is very much dependent on no further spread of the virus during the lifting of restrictions.

It is not our intention to ask members for their annual fee for next season currently and we will review this if/when we get an indication of being able to run buses and get back to games.

The operational costs of the website and the AFC DONScast is financed directly by me, so will have no impact to the finances of the supporters club.

When closed doors games do startup, I am happy to arrange a watch party on Zoom or Google Meets if anyone would be interested in doing that whilst watching streamed games.  Just drop me a note if you’d be interested in something like that and I can get it setup.

Hope to catch up with you all soon – and fingers crossed we’ll have some football to watch in August.