It’s not often we promote stuff for other clubs, but the link to Aberdeen is quite close – Netflix’s Sunderland ‘Til I Die documentary series tracks the highs and lows of Sunderland AFC’s first season in the Championship following its relegation the previous year.

The link, well it was just at the point the documentary starts when Derek McInnes was being lined up as their new manager – and you can maybe now see the reason why he turned it down.

A club set a drift by the comings and goings of as many managers in the space of a year and a bit, the endless turnaround of players or players who were happy to sit on their high salaries at the debt ridden club and an owner that just lacked interest – it makes you look at what you’ve got and just shows how lucky we are.

The balance between what was happening behind the scenes at the club, on the pitch and the views of the fans was well executed and pitched just right.

However the comparison between our two clubs is plain to see, how much the fans love their club – and in every episode of this eight part documentary you can feel every single emotion, sadness, pain and despair but also the odd joy of supporting their football club through thick and thin.

If there is anything you want to sit back and watch this Christmas, take in Sunderland ‘Til I Die on Netflix.

Sunderland ‘Til I Die – Makes You Look at What You’ve Got

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  1. He would not of turned us around. He is a great manager mind as is Chis Coleman but the club needed whats happened. We have had a change from top to bottom new owners new players (who care) and even new seats. The passion will always remain and I know you guys have had your own issues over the years.

    We now have a manager that is playing a brand of football we like and has shown his ability to change a game already so many times this season. He is a superstar of the future I think and he wont be with us in 3 years as he will be managing a top 6 premier league club in my opinion.

    watching the documentary is like death by a 1000 cuts but its our club our fans our city ……30k average attendance in the third tier of English football is all you need to know about how passionate we are. Sunderland till I die……ha way the lads and best of luck to you guys for the rest of the season 🙂

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