Kingsford Stadium Legal Ruling ‘Not Challenged’

Aberdeen Football Club have confirmed today that there will be no further challenge to the legal ruling following the judicial review at the Court of Session earlier this month.

The news means that there will be no further appeals regarding the development of the training and community facilities and new Kingsford stadium at Kingsford.

Stewart Milne told the club website: “This is very welcome news which will come as a relief to our fans and the wider public who have supported the plans for Kingsford. We can now focus on phase two of the development – the stadium and associated infrastructure.

“We are working with the councils to clear the conditions attached to our planning consent. Our aim is to deliver a modern stadium that dramatically improves the matchday experience for our fans and is safe and easy to get to and from, with minimal disruption to neighbouring communities.

“This may be the end of the road for further legal challenge, but it’s the start of a journey for us and we will continue to engage with the local community to ensure that we address their concerns while delivering fantastic community and sports facilities.”

The No Kingsford Stadium in confirming they would not pursue further legal avenues to block the project, said: “We appreciate this is perhaps a difficult pill to swallow. We don’t want the stadium at all, but the facts are that the stadium is being allowed to progress, therefore we believe the best avenue for us to take now is to ensure that the conditions are rigorously enforced by Aberdeen City Council”

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  1. Stuart Murcar

    Lets hope now its a smooth run through to get the full job done as quick as possible. This would be a huge step forward cos what they have just now they are as far as they could go. So maybe all goes along smoothly so other players might be tempted to come to the club

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