Tomáš Černý

Tomáš Černý Signs Contract Extension

Aberdeen FC have announced late this afternoon that Tomáš Černý has signed a one year contract extension that will see him remain at PittodrieTomáš Černý until the Summer of 2020.

Černý has only had one senior appearance for the Dons at Easter Road in February 2019.

Tomáš told the club website: “For me it was an easy decision as I’ve really enjoyed my time with the club.

“It’s a very good dressing room and a very good place to come and train every day. I’ve enjoyed the relationship with Joe, supporting each other and working hard every day so from that point of view it was easy.

“It’s been an exciting season to be involved in with us going to Hampden three times. It was disappointing losing the final of the League Cup and the semi-final of the Scottish Cup, but it’s always exciting going to Hampden, and also winning three times against Rangers in Glasgow was nice. There was a lot of positives in the season so I was happy to sign for another year and see what we can achieve next season.

“I’m not going to lie, having the family settled in Aberdeen plays a big part in it.

“It’s important you do things that are right for you, but also right for your family.

“We feel settled here, I had a very good year and you don’t want to keep changing. I’ve moved seven or eight times over the last nine years and therefore had to move houses, apartments and countries and it’s been a lot. There was a chance to have a bit of stability and stay somewhere for another year, somewhere I really enjoy being, so I’m delighted with that.

“I believe I’ve got an important role to play.

“I’ve been about and experienced a lot in football so there’s always that experience I can share with younger players. I’m more than happy to do that. I feel that’s part of the role I have to play here.

“I just need to keep working hard, be ready and to push Joe so he can keep performing the way that he has been.

“Joe’s had an incredible season again. He has been very consistent but I’ve still got to be ready to do my part. I think it’s been expected that he has a good season, but I don’t think he’s done anything wrong all year, so it’s been a very impressive campaign from his point of view.

“I’ve always felt that if I play 10 minutes or 10 games it’s part of the job and I’ve been ready to do that. It would be nice to play more games than the one, but at the same time that’s my role at the club. If it’s that one game and I’ve made that contribution, then I’m happy with that.

“The reception that I received at Easter Road was incredible. To get a song after being on the pitch for 10 seconds which was nice! I really enjoyed it and appreciated it from the fans.

“They understand my role here and I’m just trying to do my best for the team and the club.

“I’m the happiest guy when we win. Maybe when you are younger you don’t celebrate it the same way because you’ve not played, but now I feel I’m genuinely happy. Even if I’m not playing it’s great to be part of the winning side.

“You’re always learning as a footballer and I think that should always happen in any job. It’s about improving and learning and goalkeeping isn’t any different.

“Goalkeeping changes and every year you just want to improve that little part of the game that you’ve not managed to do so yet. It’s part of the process and no matter how long you’ve played or how old you are you’re still able to go in and improve every day.”