Ronald Hernandez

The Strange Story of Ronald Hernández

In what will be one of the strangest Aberdeen signings, it looks as if Ronald Hernandez will sign for Atlanta Utd in the New Year – a deal shrouded in mystery and Aberdeen supporters looking for answers.

An account of the situation has been given by @AlexYanez_FC on Twitter in a lengthy tweet, which we have translated below:

“Ronald Hernandez will go to MLS after a year that for him has been for oblivion, both professionally and personally, he could barely play four games this season and 2 of the previous one, being sidelined to the substitutes’ bench, but I tell them the story in this thread.

“I was particularly surprised by Ronald’s signing for Aberdeen, although it was a small advance, as he was leaving Norwegian football, but he had to aspire to something a little important, as he had had good performances with which they gave him a @SeleVinotinto better profile.

“But Ronald came to Aberdeen thanks to who his new club will be from 2021, Atlanta United. How? the Scottish club and the American are business partners, the latter has good experiences with Venezuelans and also one of the leagues they monitor, it is the Norwegian.

“So Atlanta facilitated Hernandez’s entire addition to Aberdeen, gave the contacts and so on, which led the club to pay almost a million euros and bet on a multi-year contract, which they believed would be a promise with broad potential for sporting growth.

“Everything seemed to be going very well, but Hernandez from the beginning began to receive few opportunities and is that he coaching staff of the club did not believe that he could do the work better than the players who were already on campus, some long-standing at the institution.

“Ronald seemed very focused, since he was dedicated exclusively to football, but in 2020 COVID arrived so he could not be reunited with his family, and that, according to the Scottish press, affected him a little emotionally, he was about 9 months without seeing his family.

“Personally, he was joined by sports and is that Ronald was seen a little light (for the crash), he was defensively fulfilled but he was left to a lot of duty on the offensive level and was one of the reasons Aberdeen had opted for the young Venezuelan side.

“In the midst of everything, Aberdeen fans had esteem for the Venezuelan, despite how little it could be shown, something that can be evident on their social networks, with messages of support and support for the awkward moment he has experienced during this difficult 2020.

“At the club they did not see a margin of growth and the opportunities were scarce, the technical team preferred other players and a change of scheme (he ended up closing the actual chances of 3-5-2) adding minutes, which even ended up driving him away from the @SeleVinotinto.

“In Aberdeen there was concern, it is not usual to pay high numbers for players, so that the investment in Hernandez went wrong, it was the worst. But fortunately, the financial muscle, Venezuelan acceptance and empathy for Ronald brought partner Atlanta United closer together.

“On #Vinotinto stage, after it was believed that we were armored by the Right Side (Rosales, Hernández, González, Feltscher, Garcia…), a “black cloud” appeared that stopped over the possible candidates both the present and the future for that position.

“Hopefully Ronald can meet his best version of himself, and be able to prove that he can live up to big dates as he has already been seen in the past, for a bad year for the side will come a better one. Best wishes for “Ronnie” @RonaldH_22!

“I forgot to mention that, the agency representing Ronald Hernandez is obviously the same one that represents Josef Martinez, so the whole triangle of sports relations is complete. Now he’ll be closer to home and to a club than he used to have intended.”

In addition to this account, Mario Alberto Sánchez on Twitter wrote:

“Right back Ronald Hernández will be a new MLS player for Atlanta United and will be signing a 4-year contract. He will be a partner of Josef Martínez. He comes from being with Aberdeen of the First Division of Scotland.

“The second week of January should be reporting to the American club.

Also of note, on the day he signed for Aberdeen, there was a £1m loan made to the club from a related party.