We’re delighted to announce our Big Aberdeen FC Supporters Survey for 2018.

The survey aims to capture the current views of supporters on a number of subject matters from the matchday experience to AberDNA and everything in between.

The results from the survey will be shared with the club and will give you an opportunity to have your say on a number of areas.

As a thank you, by providing your email address, we will also enter you into a draw to win an 2018/19 Aberdeen FC home or away shirt.  This is optional and you can still complete the survey without providing your email address.

The survey has been split into 10 sections, and will roughly take 10-15 minutes to complete.

  1. Demographics – a bit about yourself;
  2. Matchday attendance – questions about match days home and away;
  3. Expectations – questions about your expectations for Aberdeen FC;
  4. Rules and Regulations of the game – your views on some specific areas on the rules and regs of the game;
  5. Football and the media – how you consume Scottish football on radio/tv, print and online;
  6. Investment – your views on how Aberdeen FC should spend its money;
  7. AberDNA and Season Tickets – your views on the new AberDNA scheme and season tickets;
  8. Kingsford Stadium – your views on the new stadium (we will be publishing a more extensive survey on the new stadium proposals later this year);
  9. Aberdeen FC Supporters Clubs – your views on Aberdeen FC Supporters Clubs;
  10. AFC in the Community – your views and participation in any AFC Community initiatives;

The survey is open until 30 September 2018.  A report utilising the survey responses will be made available online at the start of November 2018.