Aberdeen FC

Thank You from the Inverness Reds

What a year the 2017/18 season has been.  We’ve been through the mill a bit this season, some good highs, and some personal lows.

Whilst the team have been hot and cold this season, maintaining second in the Scottish Premiership has been a significant achievement in a more competitive league.  Until today, not getting the results against Celtic and The Rangers has hampered our progress, a mental block we need to overcome for next season.  Even getting a few points against the sisters grim could have made for a very different top of the table battle.

Our Scottish Cup progress is still inexplicable, especially the semi-final performance 12,000 Dandies saw in March – and reflects a season where we just never turned up for key matches.

Derek’s recruitment in the close season will be watched closely – the manager himself even agreeing that some of the players he brought in through the year just haven’t worked out.

A fifth consecutive season into the Europa League qualifiers is good going and we have a lot to look forward too, including off-the-pitch matters with the start of building the new training complex at Kingsford this summer.

On a personal note, we can’t but thank you enough for all your support, love and messages at the end of January for the loss of our dear friend, a supporters club legend and all round good guy, Mark Walker.  We were and still are in shock at the sudden loss of Mark.  It is at times like these, that you  know we are connected to one of the best groups of football supporters in the world, a true #donsfamily.

We will never forget you Mark.

During the close season, we’ll be launching (yet again) a redesigned website – we’re hoping this one will work out better than our last redesign which just didn’t deliver what we wanted it to do.  Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for more news on that shortly.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has come on our supporters buses, joined the supporters club, followed us on social media and been in contact with us throughout the season.  Your support has been very much appreciated.    Have a well deserved rest and see you next season.

Stand Free, Inverness Reds.

Thank You