Red Army

Supporters Could Be Back In Grounds By Mid-September

The Red Army could be back inside Pittodrie by mid-September with test events held even earlier.

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon detailed provisional plans to move some sectors to normality if Scotland maintains its progress to attempt to eliminate COVID-19.

In her statement to the Scottish Parliament today, she said: “We hope that further changes will be possible from September 14. However, I must also stress again that the dates that I am about to set out are indicative, and will not be finally confirmed until nearer the time.

“For example, we hope that sports stadia will be able to reopen from that date, with limited numbers of spectators and with physical distancing in place.

“Some professional sports events might be arranged for spectators before then, with the Scottish Government’s agreement, to test the safety of any new arrangements.

“We also hope that indoor sports courts for some activities can reopen from September 14, with physical distancing, and we will consider whether indoor classes for children can resume earlier than that.”

National Clinical Director Jason Leith confirmed on social media that it was “potentially possible” for some fans to be inside Hampden for Scotland’s Nations League clash with Israel on September 4 as one of the test events.