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New Matchday Platform for RedTV

Aberdeen FC have announced from the Livingston v Aberdeen match this weekend that a new platform for matchday coverage will be launched, incorporating Digital Rights Management (DRM).

As a result, new subscriptions will not be possible after 1.45pm on Saturday so if you are intending to sign up please do so well in advance of this.

The stream will be live in plenty of time before the match and we would recommend that anyone wishing to view or listen to the coverage logs in well in advance to ensure the stream is working ok.

If you do require technical support please email for assistance- the support team will be on hand to help.

Advice for Subscribers

If you are using a VPN or Proxy server, you will need to switch it off or disable it in order to watch the live match. If you have logged on to RedTV with it on please switch it off and click retry in the pop-up box.If you are outside GB & Ireland and only getting an audio only video player please try the VPN/Proxy solution.

Modern Android devices and Smart TVs using a full web browser should work with Red TV. If it does not it could be the following:

• Incompatible hardware
• Incompatible browser – modified by the manufacturer or provider

We have tested Chromecast (versions 2 & 3) and if your device can receive the video signal you should be able to Chromecast the browser but not within the video player.

For iOS devices the iOS needs to be 11 or higher. You can check your device compatibility here:

Note that Apple has released iOS 13 this week.  You can download that now to your iPhone for the following devices:

The best way to resolve this is to clear your browser cookies and cache. This is usually within the settings. All passwords will be lost and you will need to type it in again.

Alternatively if you are using a PC or Mac please try a different browser.

For Mac users:
• Safari, Chrome or Firefox

For Windows 7 and above use:
• Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Firefox