UEFA Europa League Cup

How Much Is The Europa League Group Stage Worth to Aberdeen?

Aberdeen could hit the a jackpot of £3m should they reach the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

And that figure could increase, even before television and gate revenue is included.

UEFA have confirmed that the prize fund for the Europa League and it is 50% up on last season.

The Dons being their quest to reach the group stages for the first time when we enter at the second qualifying round on 26 July 2018.

The basic cash reward for qualifying for the 48-team group stages is €2.92m (£2.57m),

There are added payments in the lead-up to the groups with pries of €260,000 (£229,000) for progressing past the second qualifying round and a further €280,000 (£247,000) for moving beyond the third qualifying round.

Reaching the group stages brings a basic combined total of £3,046,000

The group stages also bring an added coefficient share of €84m divided between the 48 teams depending on each side’s UEFA ranking.

The club ranked the lowest of the 48 teams will receive €71,430 (£62,890).

One share, ie €71,430, will be added to every rank so that highest-earned team will receive 48 shares (€3.42m).

Further cash bonuses come via performance in the groups with a payment €570,000 (£502,000) per win and €190,000 (£167,000) per draw.

The Dons will discover their second qualifying round opponents on Tuesday 19 June, when the draw is made at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.