Derek McInnes

Derek McInnes Confirms No January Signings

Derek McInnes has confirmed at the media conference today, that there will be no January signings for Aberdeen during the current transfer window.

He said: “Nobody will be signing in January, nobody.  We run as we are.

“We’ve got a squad that has obviously got to third in league at the minute at the halfway stage, and we want to try and improve in that in the second half of the season.

“If we can get a fair wind with injuries and try to get our best players available more often and as long as possible, then we are confident we can meet our objectives of getting into Europe and having a good second half of the campaign.

“Like every manager, there is not a manager out there who wouldn’t want to make one or two adjustments to the squad but we are not in a position where we’re able to do that, and we go as we are.

“So in answer to anybody else’s questions about this player and that player no players will be here in January.”

He was asked if that would be the case if someone moved on.

Derek responded: “That would be something we would have to look at, we’re not encouraging anybody to be sold, but if anybody was to move on it may change things, but as it stands we don’t plan on selling anybody in January and we stay as we are.”

On the situation with Scott Wright he said: “I don’t think the door is closed on it, but the truth of the matter is we are no further forward, the likely destination for Scott looks to be that he is going to head down south.

I feel as if I am constantly getting asked about Scott, I have to be honest with that and the fact we have been unable to reach in an agreement. This isn’t a financial issue, I need to stress that as well, it’s just Scott wants to look at potential options.

I’m kind of used to this, we get players that we want to keep looking at other destinations and looking elsewhere so, we just have to try and deal with that the best way we can.

We’re disappointed I have to say that, it doesn’t mean it changes in how I feel about Scott, he’s a good boy and I have enjoyed working with him, I’ve known him since he was a young boy and he is now 24 years of age.

I do feel as just as we are getting im into that more pivotal role and working closely with him in the first team and being more relevant, it’s disappointing as a consequence of that, that’s not likely to continue.”