Dave Cormack

Dave Cormack Provides COVID-19 Financial Update

Aberdeen this afternoon released an update to supporters following the announcement that the SPFL has brought the 2019/20 season to an end.

In the statement on the club website, Dave Cormack said: “Like every other Club, we face a major, and ever-growing cashflow challenge as a result of the continued suspension of football.

At the end of March we announced that AFC had taken swift steps to address the financial consequences of no games in the short-term with some cost-cutting measures, but mainly through deferral of salaries and furloughing relevant groups of staff.  We also secured an additional £2million from investors.

Two months ago our assumption was there would be no games in front of fans until September. It now looks likely that this will not be the case until early 2021.  Our goal was, and remains, to do what we can to safeguard jobs and support our community. We can only do so by ensuring the ongoing viability of the Club. The support we have had from the Red Army has been exceptional, particularly through the sale of 5,000 season tickets for 2020/21. And that’s something we won’t take for granted!  I restate that we commit to providing full value for season ticket sales, and will address this when we know 100% when we will be playing again.

The cancellation of our remaining fixtures from last season now leaves us with the daunting prospect of a further £1million of potential losses through part refunds across season tickets, advertising, hospitality and sponsorship. Where possible, our appeal to supporters, who are in a position to do so, is to leave the partial refund with the Club to help address our funding shortfall and continue to support our community outreach work as part of the #StillStandingFree campaign.

We could have wriggled out of offering partial refunds, but we don’t believe that is the right thing to do and that has been our whole ethos throughout this crisis. It’s about who we are as a Club, at the heart of our city region, supporting our fans and the wider community. We know that many supporters are experiencing hardship and it’s therefore important that a partial refund is made available.

Having said that, the Club continues to invest in 20 full-time staff who form part of our critical community outreach call centre. We could have furloughed this group of staff but feel we are doing the right thing continuing these wellbeing calls and food deliveries to the vulnerable.

I do hope supporters will have seen the widespread positive impact the Club and Trust is demonstrating in our City Region. The reality is that we are facing a financial crisis entirely outwith our control. As such my appeal to season ticket members and seasonal corporate hospitality clients who are in a position to help the Club financially and, in turn, the wider community, would be to leave any partial refund in the Club to help ensure we stay a viable concern.

With no income until football resumes, all our energies are focused on three priorities:

  • Financial planning based on the various scenarios of when and how football can resume
  • Measures to deliver value for our fans who have bought and continue to buy season tickets for the new season
  • Planning for getting back to playing as quickly but as safely as we can, both behind closed doors and in front of fans.

As a lifelong fan myself, and as I have stated many times, it’s our Club. Let’s come out of this crisis a stronger Club and a stronger community. We will get through this, but only with your support, and only if we are together!”

How to request a partial refund

To request a partial refund, please let us know by doing one of the following:

  • Email: email the club at ticketoffice@afc.co.uk; or
  • Post: simply write to the club at Ticket Office, Aberdeen Football Club, Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, AB24 5QH.

In both cases please include details of your Dons ID, your name and address and, where applicable, your phone number and email address.

Should you wish to claim a part refund of your season ticket we require you to do so by 4th June 2020. Should we not hear from you by that date we will assume that you are not seeking a part refund and will use the funds to support the delivery of our #StillStandingFree campaign alongside our award-winning partner charity.

Thank you for your continued support!