Dave Cormack

Dave Cormack Hits Out At Social Media Rumours

Aberdeen FC chairman, Dave Cormack has hit out at social media “rumour, innuendo and conspiracy theories” in a Twitter post last night citing of the rumours that “90% of the stuff associated  with Aberdeen is absolute crap”

It comes off the back of poor results, an apparent u-turn on signing activity during the January transfer window and the loss of Scott Wright to Premiership rivals next season.

Cormack said:  “It’s approaching a year we’ve been dealing with this terrible pandemic. It’s winter, it’s lockdown and it’s transfer season in Scotland – the perfect storm for rumour, innuendo and conspiracy theories.

“90% of the stuff associated with Aberdeen is absolute crap.

“We made a commitment we’d be as transparent as we can around the financials, but it has to be based on facts and data.

“I said about 10 days ago, when giving an update on the pandemic insurance, which looks positive, that in early February we would give a much fuller update.

“The plan for now is for me to do a live event with Q&A to cover all of the aspects that are running around social media. I’m asking you to be patient and the reason I’m asking you to be patient is because right now my focus, the board’s focus and the management team’s focus is on the financial sustainability of the club, because we’ve still go hardly any income.

“Who knows when income will come back. Will we be able to announce a new season that’s going to start in August of this year?

“And so, as stewards of this great club that’s never gone bust in 117 years, it’s certainly not going to do so on my watch without us pulling out all the stops to get through this.

“So I just ask you to be patient, let us get on with this and we’ll have a session in early February.  So let’s back the team, stay safe and stand free.”