Dave Cormack

Dave Cormack: “Enough is Enough”

An exhausted looking Dave Cormack took to social media this evening to raise his concerns about the mental health of the Aberdeen players that have been in the limelight since their breach of protocols that has been plastered over the press and social media for the past week.

He said in his statement: “These players have been punished and humiliated, slaughtered by the First Minister and now tonight, headlines telling them that they face expulsion from the game.

“And last Monday, a journalist who has publicly expressed to suffering from depression looking to score points by assasinating these players in his column, and that from someone that should know better.

“What happened to the Scottish national concern about mental health especially around young men?  Are these football players excluded from that?  It could have been players from any club and it still could be.  For me, enough is enough.  Let’s end the personal abuse and humiliation.  These players have owned this from day one and been punished.  The players and the Club will accept any punishment the SPFL and SFA throws at us.

“So my plea is this.  Let’s stop kicking these players whilst they are still on the ground.

“I’ll end by once again unreservedly apologising to the First Minister, Scottish football fans, Scottish football authority, clubs and the Scottish public .  Let’s get through this together.  Thank you.”