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BT Secure Exclusive UEFA Deal Until 2024

BT have confirmed that they have retained the rights to the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the new Europa Conference League until 2024.

It was in competition for the rights with Sky and ITV and has now won three consecutive periods and has been showing coverage for the competitions since 2015.

The new deal comes into effect in August 2021 and also introduces the new Europa Conference League as part of the deal.

The Europa Conference League is scheduled to start from the 2021/22 season and will serve as the bottom level of the existing UEFA Europa League competition.

Matches for the UEFA Conference League will be played on Thursday nights with kick-off times of 5.45pm and 8pm in the UK.

The introduction of the new tournament does bring the prospect that we could miss out on the Europa League altogether.

As of 2021, only nations ranked 15th or higher in UEFA’s coefficient table will be granted access to the Europa League.

The format will feature 32 teams in eight groups of four and rank as European football’s third tier.

If we do reach that 15th spot our prospects will change dramatically for the better. There are various number crunching scenarios but the basic goal for our sides is to continue qualifying year upon year.  Scotland are currently 16th.

We’d not only get an extra team in Champions League qualifying but whichever side finishes third in the Premiership would also enter Europa League qualifying at the third round as well as enjoying two clubs in the Europa Conference League. In short, Scotland would have five representatives in continental competition.

BT are also gearing up for a relaunch of their pay TV platform which will likely take place in early 2020 and this will be complimented by a new box which will include support for 4K and HDR video content as well as Dolby Atmos sound.

The box will also add the ability to connect via WI-Fi and you’ll still be able to record two channels whilst watching a third.  On top of that BT will also add a Bluetooth remote control, integration with Amazon / Netflix and YouTube and future new content sharing feature via an app to a second box.

BT’s deal with Sky means that NOW TV will also come to the new box including plans to include Britbox and Disney+ when they launch