Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson Pens New Dons Deal

Bruce Anderson has extended his Dons contract after signing a new three-year deal with the club.  He is now contracted to Aberdeen until the summer of 2021.

After signing the new contract Bruce told the club website:  “I’m over the moon. It didn’t take me long to make my decision. It’s no secret I’m a big Aberdeen fan, so I’m delighted.

“I only had a year left on my contract so that was in the back of my mind, but all that’s sorted now so I can get my head down and really focus on my football and hopefully keep scoring goals.

“I was always confident that if I got a chance I’d take it, so I can’t complain with how the start of the season has went. Now it’s just down to me to push on.

“There is a really good group of young players coming through at the club. We’re all pals outside of football and it’s been a really good start to the season for all the young boys. You can see it with the number of minutes the manager has given us on the pitch and it’s down to us to really take our chances.

“I grew up in Banff and it’s just a small town. I’m proud to call it home. I still like to go back to visit my friends and family. I keep in touch as much as I can, but it’s difficult because I’m training every day.

“I went to most of the Aberdeen games when I was a kid. My Dad loves football as well, so every game he could take me to, he would. Growing up, the strikers at Aberdeen were Lee Miller and Chris Maguire so I used to like coming to watch them. I loved seeing goals and was a big fan of Wayne Rooney as well.

“I joined the AFC Youth Academy from Dyce Boys Club where I’d been since I was five. I came in at 13 and have been here ever since. As a young boy I was a winger but I enjoyed playing anywhere to be honest. I played centre midfield, just in behind the striker, but now I love playing as an out and out striker and I love scoring goals. It’s the best feeling in the world.

“Playing in other positions has helped me. Sometimes I know where the ball is going to go when it’s crossed into the box and what the wingers are going to do. It’s good to have a few positions to help you adapt on the pitch.

“I wasn’t expecting to sign as a professional, but I was playing well at the time. I was scoring quite a few goals for the Under 17s, so I was quietly confident I was going to get signed. For me, the biggest thing coming in full time is just about developing as a player, so every day I try to impress the players and coaching staff and hopefully I’ve managed to do that. I think you’ve just got to enjoy the game. I just love playing especially when I’m scoring goals.

“I benefited greatly from my spell on loan last season. My eyes were opened at Elgin. I enjoyed my time there and learned a different side of the game. The boys there were brilliant with me. Every league is different and the football is different. It was always a battle and I learned a lot. I was physically and mentally stronger for the experience. I would have liked more goals, but that’s me being selfish and I was just happy to score.

“Adam Rooney has been the biggest influence on my career. I’ve said it many times before, he was like a father-figure to me when I was first coming in here every day. He was always giving me advice and even now that he’s left, I’m still on the phone to him after most games and still checking up on him.
“Like Adam, I love scoring goals. I don’t care where it is or at what level, as long as I’m scoring, I’m not really fussed. Whether it is the first team or the development squad, every game I go into, I’m wanting to get my name on the scoresheet.

“A lot of being a striker is about instinct, but I still practice my finishing every day with Tony Docherty. Practice makes perfect and I try practice as much as I can. I’m sure my teammates will tell you how selfish I am! I do not like passing the ball inside the area. I try and get my shots away as soon as possible.

“I want to knuckle down now for the rest of the season, play as many minutes as I can and score as many goals as I can. Hopefully I’ll continue to make a positive impact when I get the opportunity.”