All Change For DonsTalk Aberdeen FC Forum

The popular Aberdeen FC forum DonsTalk is getting a facelift over the next few weeks, and will be launching with a brand new look but still with all the familiar Dons chat you are used too.

The original site launched in 2002, in the season cross-over between Ebbe Skovdahl and Steve Paterson (that was a roaring success!) – and ever since it has been the stomping ground for many a heated argument, rumours and much, much more.

With the help of the Inverness Reds, the new DonsTalk forum will go live on Sunday 3 May 2020.  Between now and then there will be a bit of work to get everything ready and there may be some downtime for the existing site, but this will be kept to a minimum.

A big bonus and a much asked for feature – it will now be compatible with smartphones and tablets – so you can take your DonsTalk chat on the move!

There will be additional features added over the coming months, including blogging and user-created clubs and social groups.

So what will happen over the next few weeks?

The old site will move to a new server on Friday 17 April 2020, this will mean that there will be temporary downtime whilst this takes place of up to four hours.  It will be made available again the same day.

When will the new site go live?

From 6pm on Saturday 2 May 2020, the old site will be disabled and the new site will go live on Sunday 3 May 2020 from 6pm.

Will my user log in still work?

Yes, your existing username will still work.  If you can’t login to the new site, just select password reset to get a new password.

Will all my posts and messages still be available?

Yes, all your posts and messages will transfer across.  There may be some issues with emojis and pictures that have been posted – some of these might not transfer, but the original post text will still be available.

Will my avatar picture still show?

Your avatar picture should transfer across, however, if it doesn’t you can upload a replacement through your profile page.

What other features will be available?

The whole site will have a new modern look and feel, plus the following features:

  • Rich text editing (like Microsoft Word) on all platforms, desktop, mobile and tablet;
  • Drag and Drop uploads – upload images and content by dragging it into the comment editor or using your smartphone or tablet camera or photo library;
  • Built in Giphy animated GIFs;
  • Embed videos and posts from YouTube and Vimeo to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
  • Mentions – notify other members by typing their name to mention them using the @ symbol;
  • New Emojis – a whole new set of emojis similar to those available on Twitter;
  • Auto saved drafts – if you are in your creative flow and typing a long post, it will be saved automatically;
  • Like posts, similar to Facebook;
  • You can earn Award Badges for the number of posts you create, and there will be leaderboard for key contributors;
  • Never miss content with notifications in your browser and Weekly and Daily digests on email;

We’ll go into more detail on the available features when the new site launches.