Season Ticket

Accessing RedTV with Your Virtual Season Ticket

If you have purchased a 21/22 season ticket and can’t attend a home match, you still have the option to watch matches with your Aberdeen FC virtual season ticket.

Changes for accessing RedTV

There is a change to the way supporters access RedTV with their virtual season ticket. Supporters will now access RedTV via the main RedTV site instead of the virtual season ticket website that was in operation last season.

The direct link to login to RedTV this season is:

Your login details

To access your virtual season ticket, please log in via using your unique login details, a combination of your name and Dons ID: Firstname-Lastname-DonsIDnumber

For example:

Username: Joe-Lewis-1151983

Password: 1151983

Please remember to enter the dashes between the name and number as per the example above.

Please note that you must have paid for a season ticket by 3pm on Friday 30 July in order to receive virtual access for the league opener against Dundee Utd on Sunday 1 August 2021. Otherwise access will be available from the next game.

Test Streams

Ahead of Sunday’s match against Dundee Utd, there will be an opportunity for you to view a test stream on Friday 30 July 2021 between 11am and 2pm. You can test your login at any point before the match and the stream will be available from 1.30pm this Sunday, 1 August 2021.

Who to contact if you need support

If you have any problems or need technical support, please contact the RedTV support team via email

Further Information

Your unique login will remain the same for all matches this season, so please keep it safe. This must not under any circumstance be shared with others and will only provide access to one device at a time.

If there is more than one season ticket linked to the same email address, each person will still have virtual access using their own login details.

Even if you already subscribe to RedTV you must use your virtual season ticket login to watch live coverage. To watch any other content (interviews, highlights, archive footage etc.) you must use your normal RedTV login.

The matchday stream will be active at least 30 minutes before kick-off, we would recommend that anyone who intends to watch the match gets set-up well in advance of kick-off to ensure every is working OK.

Demand will be high, so the earlier you can login the better. Please note your login will only work during match time.

When you login you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions associated with the virtual part of your season ticket.

If you signed up in the last 24 hours, your account may not be setup yet. Aberdeen FC will notify you when your account has been activated.