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Aberdeen Supporters Launch ‘Once A Don’ Fundraising Campaign

It is fair to say that we are in unprecedented times, and that calls for unprecedented call to arms for the Red Army to support the very club we love – Aberdeen Football Club.

As many supporters will know, the club are facing a looming £5m shortfall in funding as a result of the shutdown of the league due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The club and it’s Board are doing their part – with £2m of new investment and wage deferrals by staff and players recently announced.

A group of Dons fans were looking to reciprocate and help with closing the financial gap and support the club, by setting up a GoFundMe page to allow the Red Army to donate directly to the club, with a commitment from Dave Cormack our Chairman, that any funds raised will go directly to the Club to help with the strain of the current financial position.

Carole Innes (Aberdeen), Mike Robertson (Oban), Neil Gordon (Aberdeen), Keith Sinclair (Inverurie) and Stephen Lovie (Aberdeen) are leading the charge – between them all long-term Aberdeen supporters and season ticket holders.

Carole commented on the fundraising effort: “A few people had contacted me to ask if there was any way of helping the club other than through AberDNA or season tickets as they had either bought these already and wanted to contribute further or couldn’t afford either.

“I thought the best way was to set up a GoFundMe page so people could decide if they wanted to contribute and decide themselves how much they could afford.

“I spoke to Dave Cormack, and he was delighted with the idea. He has promised that the funds will go directly to the club and will help take the strain of the tight financial position.”

Carole added: “Dave has contributed a donation to the fund already, we have also had contribution from Atlanta Utd fans through the Aberlanta Facebook page.”

“We understand that not everyone will be able to afford to help out, but it gives the opportunity for anyone that can, to show their support by donating.”

After only a few days, the fundraising effort has already raised over £3,000 and you can do your part by clicking the donate button below: