Aberdeen Beachfront Map

Aberdeen FC Still Look To Kingsford For New Stadium

It has been reported in a number of media outlets today, that Aberdeen FC have had early discussions with Aberdeen City Council on “strengthening links between the city centre and the beachfront”.

Whilst these are very early discussions, Councillor Marie Boulton had suggested that the club “have a desire to remain within their spiritual home down at the beach.”

It comes after the prospect of a rethink on the City Centre Masterplan (CCMP).

Mrs Boulton said: “There requires further discussions with stakeholders, one of which is Aberdeen Football Club who may now have a desire to remain within their spiritual home down at the beach.

“The administration intends to take forward plans for a refresh of the CCMP shortly.”

Whilst Pittodrie is earmarked for housing, it could be possible that the site where the now closed Hilton DoubleTree Hotel is offered for a new stadium development.

Aberdeen have reiterated they are still intent on building the new Kingsford Stadium.

The club said in a statement: “With Pittodrie earmarked for housing, we are a key stakeholder at the beach.

“During initial conversations, the possibility of the club being involved in the sports and leisure element was discussed.

“It’s far too early to make any comment on whether or not this would be progressed by either the club or the council.

“We remain committed to a new stadium, sports and community facilities at Kingsford, albeit our plans to progress to the next stage have stalled due to the financial challenges we are facing as a result of the pandemic.”