AWPR Craibstone

What You Need to Know About The New Aberdeen Bypass

On Wednesday, a major stretch of the new Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) will open to traffic.

The route between Stonehaven and Craibstone, including the Charleston section is around 20 miles long.

The route will be opened in phases on Wednesday (12 December 2018) morning starting with Craibstone Junction in the early hours of the morning followed by Stonehaven, Charleston, Deeside, Kingswells South and Kingswells North.

The Cleanhill junction which links the bypass and the new road to Charleston, will also open.

At Kingswells North, only the A90 southbound slip road will be opened for safety reasons.  This will limit traffic heading northbound on the AWPR from Kingswells until the road is completed.

New permanent traffic signals will be in operation at Stonehaven, Charleston, Deeside, Kingswells and Craibstone.  These will be switched on overnight on Tuesday ahead of the new section opening.

The speed limit for the new road is 70mph for cars, 60mph for smaller goods vehicles and 50mph for HGVs.

A specific route has been set up and agreed for motorists travelling between Craibstone and Parkhill.

Transport Scotland advises: “Road users should travel east from Craibstone using the A96, then northbound onto the A92 until they reach Blackdog Junction where they can re-join the AWPR to Parkhill or continue north on the new A90 Balmedie to Tipperty section.

“The reverse journey should be used for those wishing to travel south to Craibstone.”

Temporary traffic restrictions:

A90 Craibstone Junction Northbound

Temporary traffic management will be in place on the new A90 northbound between Kingswells North Junction and Craibstone Junction to guide road users safely off the A90 until the remainder of the AWPR opens.

As these traffic management measures will begin in the vicinity of Kingswells North Junction, the NORTHBOUND slip road onto the A90 at Kingswells North Junction will remain closed for safety reasons.

To join the AWPR northbound to Craibstone, road user should travel to the Kingswells South Junction or continue to use existing routes which are expected to be quieter.  Road users travelling SOUTHBOUND from Craibstone will be able to leave the A90 at Kingswells North using the exit slip road.

Traffic between Craibstone to Parkhill and Blackdog

Road users travelling EAST from Craibstone should use the A96 onto the A92 (previously the A90) until they reach the Blackdog Junction where they can re-join the AWPR to Parkhill or continue NORTH on the new A90 Balmedie to Tipperty section.

The reverse journey should be used for those wishing to travel SOUTH to Craibstone.  This will be in place until the works at the River Don crossing are complete and the remaining AWPR section opens to traffic.

Overnight Lane Closures

There will be lane closures on several sections of the road for transition works for opening the road to traffic.

These lane closure will allow signage and road marking works to take place and will begin on Tuesday 11 December and will be removed before the new A90 opens to traffic.

The roads affected are the A92 at Stonehaven and Charleston, the A93 North Deeside Road, the A944 at Kingswells and the A96 at Craibstone roundabout.